Presa Canario Food

We use simple, natural ingredients including beef, chicken, lamb, or fish, 100% whole grains and vegetables. The real meat is the main ingredient. Formulated for overall health and wellness, all over the web you'll find many different real food recipes that come along with remedies for common health issues. We never use nor promote the use of chicken by-product meal or fillers. No artificial flavors or preservatives (which are all contained in kibbled dog feeds). 100% complete & balanced nutrition for dogs is our goal.

In this section i hope to properly inform you to the "raw diet". I will go over everything from ingredients to how they'll be beneficial towards your dog, down to actually shopping around and finding great per pound prices on real food. One of my favorite laces to shop for ingredients is my local mexican grocer, who usually carry different cuts of chicken ranging from $0.40 - $0.99 per pound, also they carry a wide selection of "real fillers" such as oatmeal, legumes (beans), broccoli, carrots, and potatoes all at very affordable proving. If you do the math your average bag of dry dog kibble ranges from $27 - $50 for a 40 - 50 pound bag, at best by dividing $27/50lbs you come out at $0.54 per pound, and what are you actually feeding them for this price? , the back of the bag will claim it's filled with real beef, chicken or liver, but once opened you see you've been ripped off due to the lack of presence of those very ingredients. If your trying to go with a different feed, want to learn methods and recipes, or just want more for your buck, then I welcome you to Guardian Devil Kitchens.


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