Welcome to Guardian Devil Kennels

All of May's 2012 litter has been reserved/sold.. Thank you very much and congratulations to the new owners !!!

Welcome to Guardian Devil Kennels

Presa Canario

  • Welcome to Guardian Devil Kennels.
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  • Well tempered, agile, healthy, loving Presa Canario's.
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We are passionate Presa Canario breeders out of Northern Illinois who care about the longevity of the Presa Canario.

Our goal is to achieve maximum health of the Presa Canario by using vigorous working methods which push our Presa's to max. We optimize the health of our Presa Canario's by feeding them a natural diet (B.A.R.F.) consisting of all the nutrients your large breed needs to build solid bone structure; a well developed temperament; and excellent muscle mass. The best part is there are no worries of Poisonous dog feeds" when your pet eats what is FDA certified for you and your family.

With a mission of preserving the Presa Canario's true working qualities we use the Presa Canario's Drive as a key function in our tedious training sessions. One of the most important ways to utilize the high drive in our Presa's is to simplify obedience and protection training. This method works wonders for breeders all around the world regardless of breed. Your puppy will come ready and willing to learn at a very young age because of the drive building techniques that we introduce, as well as the high drive characteristics embedded in the genetic make up of our Presa Canario. We provide Presa Canario's for any functioning purpose such as Conformation Presa Canario, Show Presa Canario, and Pet Quality Presa Canario. All of our dogs come with a(n) docile/stable temperament to a high/substantial tempered pet. We do not breed overly aggressive dogs in hopes that we will produce an aggressive litter. Breeding is based strictly upon what we call a desirable traits system (DTS). Simply put, DTS means that we only breed a dam and a sire to enhance genetic structure and to benefit from each others genes.

We provide exceptional breeder support for your Presa Canario, to keep you informed on health, training, and shows. Please take the time to explore and enjoy our site in it's entirety. You'll find interesting facts on old world Presa Canario vs. modern day Presa Canario/Dogo Canario, information on the Presa Canario's working past along with it's standard, some of the best Presa Canario photos, all the way down to Presa Canario equipment and raw feeding tutorials.